• Sean Friloux Portrait

    Sean Friloux

    I came across artist Sean Friloux’s work like most things through Instagram. His elevated Hopper-esque portraits of New Orleans shook me with their delicate watercolor blur. His work reminds me so much of Edward Hopper in subject matter and perspective, but it’s more than that. As you’ll see below, Sean’s approach is so much more about the feelings and emotions the city imbibes within us all. Life in New Orleans is/can be a blur for some of us here and I think that is reflected so very well in his work.

  • Sheba Turk

    “That One Thing” with Sheba Turk

    Nola Native, WWL TV’s Eyewitness Morning News Co-anchor, and all around hustler, Sheba Turk is one of the hardest working folks in the local spotlight. My family has always caught the news on WWL each day, but it’s when my momma says “that Sheba is something else”, I tend to pay closer attention. Vibrant, professional, and down to earth Sheba is absolutely one of the stars in the Nola media.


    That one thing : Katherine Rowan

    Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been following the super talented Katherine Rowan (@katherine_rowan) on Instagram, and have been extremely impressed with her point of a view as well as her focus on the culture and beauty of New Orleans. Her second line work shows the joy and excitement of one of the most treasured events in our history. Great emotion and character is shown in here work. 

  • Isla Moon

    Isla Moon

    Painter and creative producer Isla Moon is one of my favorite folks around town. We met on a photoshoot a few years ago, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to feature her and her enigmatic and colorful art. I tend to gravitate towards colorful, simple, and abstract art and Moon’s work checks all of my favorite boxes. Of course art, is hard to fathom when it’s in the form of 1’s and 0’s here on the web, but it’s safe to say that her artwork shimmers and gleams with spirit and impasto. Her work certainly reflects her aura and her approach to life, especially in intensity and texture. Here’s her…


    PJ Morton is sticking to his guns.

    2016 has already been a stellar year for PJ Morton. Earlier this year, Morton released his most recent love letter to Nola, “Bounce & Soul Vol 1” mixtape, which in my mind has become an instant classic. The New Orleans East native & Maroon 5 keyboardist, has been all over the world, and has decided to make a move back to New Orleans, and back to where it all started. I spent some time with PJ a few weeks ago, right before the annually huge Essence Fest, and we talked about not only Bounce & Soul, but his new maxi-single EP release, “Sticking To My Guns”. We talked and reminisced about our…


    Scott Jarrett — General Public Designs

    A few months ago when Hattie Sparks opened up her second location in the CBD, I was quite taken and equally blow away by not only the curated space in all it's super clean glory but the pieces of artwork that were hanging in plain view as you walked through the doors.


    Sammy Bosalavage

    Just this past year I was fortunate enough to spend some time learning a little bit about the Jewish faith and life here in New Orleans. A friend of mine whom I met through another mutual friend invited me to shabbat earlier this year and I was thrilled to attend. It was a great experience for me and I was totally enamored by the conversations and the passion each person showed for their faith.