Nola Native, WWL TV’s Eyewitness Morning News Co-anchor, and all around hustler, Sheba Turk is one of the hardest working folks in the local spotlight. My family has always caught the news on WWL each day, but it’s when my momma says “that Sheba is something else”, I tend to pay closer attention. Vibrant, professional, and down to earth Sheba is absolutely one of the stars in the Nola media.
Sheba is also the host of the New Orleans lifestyle tv show “The 504” where she chops it up with folks from around the city and focuses on “the latest in entertainment news, pop culture, lifestyle, music and trending topics.” As if that wasn’t enough, Sheba has recently launched her own blog where she gives us all insight and a peak into her life on the air and off. I was thrilled to catch up with Sheba recently and discuss the city with her. Check her out blog, catch her on WWL + The 504, and of course check out her “That One Thing” she loves about New Orleans below.

“The one thing I love about New Orleans is the spirit of the people. Happiness is always the ultimate goal for me, and I think I get that from growing up in New Orleans. We are the only place were people ask, “How was the funeral?” We celebrate death, life, and everything in between. New Orleans is all about having a good time in spite of whatever is going on, and I keep that in mind with everything I do. Who cares what my job title is, how much money I make, what other people think about me…Am I having a good time? If so, I’m on the right track.”