Olesya’s Candy Shop

Artist Olesya has done it again with her latest solo exhibition “Candy Shop” in the warehouse district at Steve Martin Gallery this evening. 

Tonight our good friend and artist Olesya will be closing out her “Candy Shop” solo exhibition at Steve Martin Gallery (624 Julia St., New Orleans, LA 70130) in the arts district. Here are the details…

A contemporary and POP art Solo exhibit by Olesya Ianovitch.
“Candy Shop” explores love in an unconventional way. Expect a feast for the senses, with three rooms overflowing with beautiful flowers, sweet fragrances, sparkling canvases and sugary confections. The collection will also display a new series of exquisite portraits nestled amongst her well-known floral and kiss canvasses. Visiting the collection will be like experiencing a metaphorical candy land dream world. Olesya Ianovitch will debut her first sculptures, which are candy-inspired and made in collaboration with metal welding sculptor Garrett Haab Artistry.

The event is part of a major brand collaboration with Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s premium candy line, Olesya Ianovitch is creating a literal and visual experience of all things sweet.

Candy and sweets provided by Sugarpova.

The event is open to the public throughout the entire month of February.


featuring champagne, specialty cocktails and candy tastings