Prytania Hall Coffee

The Prytania Street / Touro neighborhood finally gets a legit coffee shop, the newly opened Prytania Hall Coffee shop. 

Early last week I was out and about shooting around Prytania and St. Charles Ave. My normal intake of coffee runs along the same schedule as a newborn child…every few hours or so. I got a late start and found myself fiending for some iced coffee, and then I recalled seeing a few images of the brand new Prytania Hall Coffee (3445 Prytania St, Ste B) on Instagram. Located between St. Charles + Delachaise and Prytania Ave., this european inspired cafe was just what I needed. It’s an opulent and perfectly petite coffee outpost that offers iced coffee, espresso drinks, and super fresh baked goods. The one of my favorite features of the shop is the outside cafe style seating begging you to slow down, have a seat and enjoy the day.