China Lights at New Orleans City Park

City Park recently kicked off one of the boldest events ever in the China Lights. The vibrant and lucid experience was a spectacle for sure. I recently got a chance to visit, check out the images after the click…

I cant get over just how gracefully and beautifully the team at City Park transformed the elegant Botanical Garden into show of Chinese culture in lights. It was a beautiful and elegant spectacle of silk and lights like I’ve never seen. I was thrilled to see China through the lens of the beautiful exhibition. Located inside the Botanical Gardens in City Park (5 Victory Avenue), the China Lights display is massive and diverse. Below is more info and of course, the rest of our images from our visit.

“More than 30 extraordinary, blazingly bright silk covered structures will fill the Botanical Garden.  We’ll have 100s of lanterns to delight you at every turn. Picture an incredible glowing dragon 131-feet long! Or a three-story, lit-from-within pagoda towering high enough to be seen from almost any vantage point in the garden. Plus dozens of dazzlingly colorful lighted displays created by a team of artisans and technical staff from Sichuan Tianyu, located in Zigong, China.

These beautiful objects have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, most recently in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and, and in the United states first in Spokane, Washington and now soon in New Orleans.”

The exhibit will be on display through May 1st, 2016. 

Open: Sunday, Tuesday through Thursday: 6pm to 10pm
Friday and Saturday: 6pm to 11pm (Closed Monday) (Last ticket sold 30 minutes before close)

In the New Orleans Botanical Garden (separate from the Botanical Garden Daytime entrance fee)
*$18/person ages 13+
*$12/children ages 3 to 12
*Children under 3 free
*Group (25 people +) $15/person
Adult tickets may be purchased online ( <— click here to purchase) and at the Tolmas Center. Group tickets may not be purchased online.



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