“Hustle is the dark horse of creativity, the close cousin of grit and tenacity. Without the hustle, drive, and complete devotion to making things happen, you are average.”

Artist and native New Orleanian Rebecca Rebouche’s quote above could not be anymore honest and inspiring. The moment I discovered this quote on the back of issue #2 of the magazine The Great Discontent, I was instantly reminded of why being a creative person is my crash course destiny.

Earlier this week, Rebecca and I spent an afternoon chatting over po-boys discussing inspiration, life in New Orleans, as well as her most recent collection “Dreamsicle”. There are very few Nola icons more important than the sno-ball, and Rebecca is celebrating it in her own very unique and expressive way. Here’s more about her collection “Dreamsicle”…

Dreamsicle” glorifies the inimitable New Orleans Snoball, and elevates it to a level of art and totem. This collection will offer large scale Snoball portraits, small scale Snoball allegories, and a small range of concept pieces and products like watercolor “Spilled Snoball” abstracts and “Snoball Stained” pillows and flags.

The pieces above and below could not be any more true to life. The drips of color running down the sides of the less than stable wax covered cups force you to drink and eat quickly as the summer sun melts it all away. The cup designs that haven’t changed in decades, are represented in their own full spectrum glow and pop in front of each highly textured and impasto’d backdrop. The same organic drips are then taken to another level with the piece below. 

I had such a great time shooting around uptown with Rebecca, and soon enough our sno-balls had escaped their melty fate.