As far as neighborhoods are concerned, it just don’t get any more progressive and cooler than the lower garden district in Uptown New Orleans. The men’s emporium Friend (2115 Magazine St. New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 / 504.218.4214) on Magazine St. is the epitome of what has become one of our favorite parts of New Orleans.

Just like most things lately, I stumbled upon Friend sort of by accident. I was walking along Magazine in the Lower Garden District on my way to Goorin Bros. to see a guy about a hat, and found myself drawn in by 2 brands I instantly zeroed in on through the window. I’m not sure when I first found about the Saturdays Surf NYC, but I’ve always been enamored by the design aesthetic and fit and finish of their products. Such clever branding and ocd-level attention to detail has always inspired me.

The same could be said about Herschel Supply Co. gear. Friend was the first place I caught a glimpse of their product and shortly after that it seemed to explode, most notably into Apple stores all over the country. Kudos. Friend carries most of the pieces one would want to own from each brand in a very curated and deliberate fashion.

Of course Saturdays Surf NYC and Herschel Supply Company are the standouts in my mind, Friend offers a super dope selection of tshirts, chinos, a great selection of non-hipster booting, as well other men’s personal essentials.

Finally, as a huge magazine fiend, Friend offers a selection of periodicals I can’t find elsewhere including “The Green Soccer Journal” and of course Saturdays own self-published magazine.

For years I’ve been visiting blogs from around the world all the while learning and pining for brands like the ones mentioned above. Friend has finally brought those brands to NOLA in an interesting and well curated way.