FLOW TRIBE SINGER K.C. O'Rourke / circa 2008

The first time I got a chance to witness Flow Tribe was 5 years ago, late at night, at the Maple Leaf. Pretty sure it was a just plain old Thursday, but what I remember from that night was the pure hardcore funk they put on display. Since 2008 they have released several full length records, and with their most recent EP titled “Painkiller”, Flow Tribe continues to spread the funk.

New Orleans is certainly considered the birthplace of Jazz, but most folks on the planet discount the city’s contribution to the genre of funk. Everyone and they brother around town, and especially anyone who’s ever visited NOLA for Mardi Gras is familiar with The Funky Meters and the legacy they’ve built. Their influence is far and wide reaching.

Anyone with working eardrums can hear those influences in Flow Tribe’s latest “Painkiller”, but it’s their meandering into other genres that truly makes this new record stand on it’s own two tap shoes.

Tracks like “Can’t Break It” & “Fire on Esplanade” are just straight up dripping in guitar licks and moaning organs, while “Gosando” is a tight and rhythmic latin blend. The standout track for us is “Hungry For You” which is a playful and oh so syncopated gem that sneaks up on you with each play. The rambling bass line and fuzz filled harmonica + guitar make the track top down Sunday afternoon worthy.