I can’t imagine there being any more symbolism involved in The Cardinal Sons’ latest EP release, The Echo Choir. As I sat down and spun their most recently dropped disc, I began to realize just how aptly formed the title was. Take a look at the it closely and hopefully when you give it a listen, you’ll see and hear all the signs. Before you go out purchase and subsequently cue it up, let me describe a few as a bit of a tease.

The first line of the trio of brother’s bio reads — “Balancing heavy synth lines and crunchy guitar with steady drums, the three brothers of Cardinal Sons cultivate a sound steeped in the musical identity of their upbringing. Raised in Mississippi and finding a home in New Orleans — John, Joe, and Dave play danceable indie rock leavened with three-part harmonies and a left hand for a bass player.”

Of course this particular description couldn’t be any more perfectly in sync on this record. The choir is in fact the breathy synths, syncopated percussion, and my favorite undertone of each track, the organ. The Sons recorded the 5 track EP in Ashville, NC. with famed producer, Charlie Sexton as a result of winning The NewSong Contest (an international performance and songwriting showcase and competition). Each track is laden with the same touch he’s lent to other artists like Lucinda Williams and Marc Cohn.

Of the 5 tracks included in their EP, it’s #4 “Blood” which has become the standout for me. Within seconds, you hear the lead-in from the soulful organ and from then on it drives the entire song. The layers of sound, the changes, and harmonies are super solid. The lyric “I’m a slave to my disposition” is brilliant and rolls right along with the blend in the vocals. The video below is from their first single “Day Of Summer” and is my second favorite track of the lot. For now, “Blood” will remain on repeat.