Singer-songwriter Andrew Duhon has always been one of our favorite artists around town, and with the upcoming release of his latest record “the moorings”, Andrew is about to step into Ray Lamontagne territory.

“The Moorings” is Duhon’s 3rd release, and amply titled to reflect a fantastically solid record. I’ve embedded the dozen tracks within my daily playlist, and with each listen, I’m inclined to drink lots of great whiskey, dance with a pretty ladies all night long, and end each day driving down magazine street with the windows rolled down.

While tracks “Rest on her shoulders” and “Feel in it in my soul” evoke the previous stated emotions, it’s the upbeat tracks “Evelyn” and “Sidestep your grave” that show just how much Andrew has grown as an artist. The slide guitar in “Sidestep your grave” is dirty and beautiful, meant to compliment his unique tone throughout the song. The harmonica in “Shelter You Through” stirs and jaunts along the edge of the track and builds to a soulful crescendo, making it my favorite song of the bunch. “The Moorings” reveals Andrew’s natural, yet understated rasp, which matches perfectly in harmony with the rest of the band.