New Orleans has always in my mind, been a town filled with artisans. Whether it’s creating that one seminal dish, a painting filled with impasto, or a couture dress, we’ve always been a city of creatives. Since Katrina, there’s been an explosion of artisans. Kathleen Currie, with her Smoke Perfume Oil, is at the forefront of the latest crop of artisans leaving their mark.

I couldn’t help but to use each every letter of Kathleen’s soulful and eloquent description of her product. Kathleen chose the essential oil Vetiver as her base for Smoke, which is rich in earthy notes and has hint of citrus. I’m certainly familiar with scents from Creed (Original Vetiver) as well as Tom Ford’s (Grey Vetiver), but the standout for me is Smoke. I’ve worn it several times, and with each application it consistently smells and finishes like nothing I’ve ever smelled. In a world filled with “me too” fragrances or “my girlfriend/boyfriend bought this for me”, it’s cool to have a product so carefully created like Smoke out there.

Above, Kathleen describes the cypress/pine derived and perfectly geometric “vessel” that the clever roll-on vile comes packaged in, and when I first saw it in person, I flipped my shit. So brilliant, yet so simple and elegant. Just naming it a “vessel” automatically renders it’s use special. Each time I applied the oil, it seeped into my skin and lasted for over 24 hours. With each whiff, if you will, Smoke remained the same without vaporizing away or losing it’s subtle bravado.

I truly think it’s sort of futile for me to even attempt to describe what Smoke smells like. Being an essential oil it’s going to render itself different for everyone. Not even typing all caps can do it justice. With that said, Smoke is available via the local shops below :

DEFEND NEW ORLEANS SHOP 1101 First St @ Magazine New Orleans, LA 70130 504.941.7010

FRIEND 2115 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130 504.218.4214