It was a pretty frigid morning when Hollie and i met up for our shoot at the Orange Couch. Shimmering with energy and excitement we set out into the cold to snap a few pics.

We’d gone back and forth over email and texts about possible locations around town where we could shoot. As we jumped into the car to escape the unruly wind, Hollie began to describe a spot in the Bywater just down St. Claude. We stopped at the initial location and snapped a few test shots, but it was only after we walked around the corner we found the graffiti covered wall we used in the shots below.

As a photographer, it’s always such a pleasure to work with subjects who have the innate ability to be comfortable and confident. Hollie exuded both. Her expressions were effortless and controlled, and her red peacoat was a fantastic contrast to the thin lined blouse. The location couldn’t have been better, and she rocked each exposure.