The Makers and the Doers are those that rule the world. Here in New Orleans, folks around town are taking their dreams and running with them. Perfect example is the team behind the top notch and last-a-lifetime quality product line Tchoup Industries.

Founded by longtime designer Patti Dunn, Tchoup Industries is turning 1 this week and has amassed a roster of 10 handmade products ranging from shoulder bags, messenger bags, satchels, and packs, just to name a few.

Each piece is handmade with a level of attention to detail that far surpasses the price point. The cleverly designed and embroidered Tchoup patch reads “City – Swamp” depicting it’s versatile usage.

Tchoup is dedicated to using superior materials, here’s a bit more about that.

“All materials and components are sourced as locally as possible. We take special pride in the materials coming from Southern Louisiana; alligator leather, our custom stainless steel hook closure, hand loomed woven panels, misprinted rice bags, and repurposed wool curtains.”

By using such prolific materials, Tchoup is producing bags that can be passed down generation to generation.

Tchoup is also set to release a new bag using an ingenious material from one of the most inglorious animals to inhabit the South, the Nutria. It’s round in shape and the pelts of the nutria are perfectly mated to a deep dish style waxed canvas base. The strap is made from the same nylon webbing the rest of the line is outfitted with. It’s the same extremely durable stuff seat belts are made of. Clever. I love that Patti and her team are helping restore the wetlands, one pelt and bag at a time.

I keep going back to the design and attention to detail these products possess. The roll top bags are fastened closed by a custom made steel hook that also doubles as a bottle opener. I’m pretty sure the roll top bags will hold at least a dozen beer bottles. The waxed canvas that is used reminds me very much of the look and feel of selvage denim with imperfections and character unto itself. The Roulez Satchel combines the look of a messenger with the functionality of a roll top backpack. Brilliant. The woven pieces, especially within the roll top bags are also hand made and feel super soft. The one detail that continues to impress and bowl me over is the shape and design of the main clasp on the roll top and satchel. Stitched in what looks like a triple configuration, the v-shaped hook closure connects to the rest of the bag safely and with ease. Could be done one handed for sure.

I’ve got to make some room on my bag hanger, but I cannot wait to get my hands on one of the Tchoup messenger bags. It’s folks like Patti and her team, with products like Tchoup, that make New Orleans stand out in so many ways. I feel as though we’ve truly become a city of Makers and Doers who are creating their own destiny. Keep it up Tchoup.