Very much the Katz of New Orleans, Stein’s (2207 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70130 / 504.527.0771) shines neighborhood deli with a glimmer of intrigue.

Walking through the sticker laden doors, regulars and newcomers line up along the straight and narrow countertop, rocking back and forth in front of the deli cases under the sweet spell of indecision. Trying to decide what sandwich you are going to have is not the only test. Among the local standards, Stein’s offers a myriad of beers, sodas, teas, ginger ales, and one squeeze!

After snapping out of my daze, I waited patiently in line to order. Along the path, my friend pointed out their selection of Halvas which I had never heard of much less enjoyed. I picked one and it proved to be a great appetizer. Typically I go for pastrami and swiss, but this time I went all out. My friend and I ended up ordering the same sandwich…”The Robért” Here’s their description :

“Imported Prosciutto, House-Made Fresh Mozzarella, Aged Balsamic Vinegar on Ciabatta”. Let me tell you, I’m a fool for prosciutto like Whitney is for Bobby. Jackpot right! I almost did that dance where the people around don’t know whether you are just plain excited or you need to go to the little boys room. Yes, you know that dance.

Anyway, the sandwiches arrived and we dove in. Thinking back, I don’t remember looking at my friend while eating. I finished off the second half of my sandwich in record time as if I was being cheered on by a huge crowd stationed along the boardwalk on Coney Island.

I looked up and caught the grin of my friend as she pondered the question “how can I ever go back to ham and turkey sandwiches after this”? I agree, certainly no comparison. Located at the corner of Magazine Street and Jackson Ave. Uptown, Stein’s was simply perfect.