Billy Reid Nola

<p>In nearly 3 years, since winning the coveted CFDA/Vogue Award, Billy Reid has become a tremendous force and fixture within the fashion world at large. Originally a son of Louisiana, Billy grew up in Amite, LA. and has always been in some way associated with the South.</p>

Hattie Sparks

<p>Nestled in the heart of the garden district off of Maple street uptown, <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Hattie Sparks</a> has recently opened her eclectic emporium style boutique to some fantastic and well deserved fanfare.</p>

Amanda DeLeon

<p>I have to admit that as of late, especially with our FU-GQ Men's feature this summer, I've been thinking about fashion more and more. I've been keeping a lookout for cool and interesting people as of late and find myself walking the streets crouching and contorting taking photos a la Bill Cunningham.</p>

iHeart you GQ

<p>For years GQ editors, writers and photographers have been drinking, eating, and grazing their way throughout Nola without any recourse, and just like a tourist. They seem to enjoy themselves just like everyone else, but continue to fais chier on us. I'm over it! Shortly after Katrina their words and photos were bit more forgiving, and they seemed to finally soak us in. But in the last few years, GQ has forgotten about our charm, wit, love and devotion to our culture, and more importantly the essence of our city.</p>