As we inch closer to the last weekend of the 2014 Jazz and Heritage Festival, I want to shed some light on one of my favorite local artists and the creator of this year’s Jazz Fest Poster, Terrance Osborne.

Terrance, who is a Nola Native, has been one of the most prolific New Orleans artists of our generation. Certainly, through his lucidly colorful juxtaposed style, Terrance has painted some of the most treasured Jazz Fest posters as well as being commissioned to create works of art for the likes of Nike and The New Orleans Hornets, to name a few.

During our shoot and interview we spent time talking about life and work in New Orleans and what’s to come of the city we both love so much. Terrance is humbled and grounded by his success, even though his work is like nothing else I’ve ever seen before. His cityscapes are larger than life, and like the city they represent, are colorful and diverse with almost a constant gyration of color.

As I gaze fondly over each piece I’ve seen Terrance produce, I’m constantly enamored by their 3d quality. At the end of the post you’ll see his latest work in the poster for this year’s Jazz Fest. After looking back at all of the posters produced over the years, I must say Terrance’s pieces are by far my favorites and ones I would gladly dip into the 401k for the artist proofs.