There hasn’t been a more exciting place for comedy than New Orleans since Canada. In less than 3 years, there’s more comedy happening around town than ever before and at an almost daily pace. Folks like Stupid Time Machine, The New Movement, and our latest feature, the duo RUDE., are hitting it out of the proverbial park.

There’s literally no way for me to do any better than their own super well-crafted bio. So here goes…

“Colleen Allerton and Lauren LaBorde met in a sketch writing class at The New Movement. They are opposites — Colleen is a noisy extrovert with adult ADHD; Lauren has a writerly brain and a dour countenance — but through their love of messy reality TV heroines, excessive white wine consumption, and varying degrees of feminism they have forged a bond on and off stage that is “real fun to watch” (said some guy once). Together they created the viral video “My Purse, My Choice,” which received over 400,000 views and was featured on MSNBC, The Today Show, CNN, The New York Times and your mother’s Facebook page. They also do improv together at TNM.”

Both in their videos and IRL, the duo couldn’t be any more perfect together. Their experiences on a daily basis is what fuels and inspires them to write and put together ridiculous sketches and some truly classic videos like to “My Purse, My Choice” and my current favorite, “Kiss Each Other”. Of course, New Orleans offers a limitless draw of inspiration. Check out our favorite RUDE. videos below as well as their up-coming tour schedule, which kicks off this week.