There’s nothing more naturally n’awlins than burlesque. A few years ago, I was mesmerized by the fantastic “Burlesque Ballroom” show at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse within the Royal Sonesta Hotel. It was the first time I’d Cherry Brown perform that night, and I remember thinking even back then that she’d be perfect for a feature here on I was thrilled when she agreed to shoot around the Bywater, and I was even more thrilled to get an inside look into the life of such a gifted performer. Below you’ll find our favorites from the day, and some answers to our favorite questions.

1) What do you love most about New Orleans?

You mean besides the amazing Burlesque scene and history? What I love is the energy. There is nothing like stepping off the plane and landing back into NOLA and just feeling the good juju that comes from all the creative spirits. I love feeling the constant new energy from tourists and performers at shows. There is nothing else like it, it might be because of our history with music and culture or maybe its something in the water but all I know is I love it.

2) As a performer, how has New Orleans inspired you?

NOLA has a true respect for history but is always pushing for new ways to entertain. I find myself always looking back and finding inspiration from the legends who in their days on Bourbon street were the headliners in all the top burlesque halls. But with all the new technology, pop culture, and venues opening up it pushes you to take the old and make it new again with a few twists and turns to keep the audience coming back for more. Half nostalgia for the golden days and half fresh edge that has never been seen before. New Orleans gives you both and I try my best to give it back as a modern girl doing the classic art form of the strip tease.

3) What’s your favorite Nola ‘hood and why?

Why choose? It’s all so close and I like a bit of it all. From grabbing breakfast at Pepperoni’s Cafe in the Riverbend, to lower Decatur and Frenchmen for drinks and dinner, and yes even Bourbon Street at Lucky Pierre’s that has become my second home thanks to Bella Blue and her 6 nights a week burlesque shows “The Blue Book Cabaret”. There is so many facets of this city. Why limit to one “hood”?

4) Favorite New Orleans dish?

Well since steak isn’t a New Orleans classic I guess I’d have to go with anything that has shrimp in it. I could also never pass up on oysters desire, but seriously steak is pretty delicious…

5) What’s your most memorable New Orleans moment?

Almost every day in New Orleans I have another memorable moment. But for question sake I will pull a large one from memory. I was in my 2 year of performing in 2011 and there was a benefit at the Howlin Wolf called Beasts and Brass. I and another performer Patsy Blue Ribbon performed one number each for the show and after it was done I was asked by my friend Jimbo to perform with the band he was in. It happened to be Davis Rogan and an amazing group of musicians. The song was about a stripper so it seemed perfect. It was so much fun to rock it out on stage with the band especially in my infant years of performing.