Upon each and every visit to the Bywater nestled below the french quarter, I’m equally surprised and inspired. This time it’s the cosy and one of a kind charm of Satsuma Cafe that seems to be working it’s magic. Quint and inviting would be the perfect description for this very popular eatery. After a day trip around the Bywater, I decided to listen to droves of folks who’ve been heckling me for not visiting Satsuma (Bywater – 3218 Dauphine Street New Orleans, LA, 70117 / 504.304.5962) + (Uptown – 7901 Maple St New Orleans, LA / 504.309.5557) sooner.

With Bob Marley echoing through the cafe, we walked up to the counter and stared at the perfectly chalk drawn menu for at least 180 seconds until we finally locked in our choices. I thought to myself as I gazed at the menu with a crick coming on, how am I ever going to make a decision with all this spot has to offer. After deliberation of jury duty proportions, I decided on the BLT a classic I thought, and my friend chose the beet salad.

We grabbed a table and soon our drinks had arrived. I ordered the dopio iced mocha and a very very very, did I say very, fresh glass of juice arrived for my cohort. As we sipped our damn fine beverages, the fiendishly fantastic scent of fresh slivers of swine (A.K.A Bacon) began to emote our way. It was intoxicating in an almost Chanel No. 5 way. Frankly, I’m not sure which one is more decadent. I always have the same reaction to bacon/pork as Anthony Bourdain does…elation. Enough about the swine y’all.

Ten minutes later, our lunch hit the table. My friend’s beet salad was huge and contained generous portions of very fresh lettuce, divine goat cheese, and a few other ingredients I wouldn’t trade for what laid in front of me. I dove into my fresh strawberry, field green and vinaigrette salad only to succomb to the blt after just 2 bites.

I reached for half number one of the my blt, all the while wondering if my friend could here me say “come to poppa” under my breath. The sourdough was perfectly dense and the lettuce and tomato was no match for the salty goodness of the bacon. To top it off, the tangy garlic mayo played along to the finish. After experiencing such splendor, it’s hard not to resist the charms of Satsuma ever again. I can see a Sunday morning brunch visit in future.