In just a few years and several locations later, Dat Dog (3336 Magazine St. New Orleans, La. / 504.324.2226) has cemented their spot in Nola foodie lore. With the grand opening of their latest location on Magazine Street happening next week, Dat Dog looks to expand on its already massive following.

I remember the first time I visited the original “shack” Dat Dog on Freret. It was a crazy hot summer day and I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. I had heard so many great things about it, and was thrilled to visit it for the first time. Back then the menu was sublimely simple and perfect and hasn’t really changed.

For those who haven’t visited Dat Dog either on Freret or Magazine Street, their offerings range from the traditional Beef/Pork wieners to sausages like Turducken, Guinness Dog, Alligator Sausage, and finally my favorite, Smoked Bratwurtst. All dogs are are served and delivered wrapped in their ultra fresh toasted sour dough bun.

Dat Dog also only offers one side, and as long as you like fries, your dogs will never lie alone. Their fries are crispy and blanched perfectly and lend themselves to be smothered in the entire range of toppings.

As a creature of habit, the last few times I’ve been I’ve ordered the smoked brat dog topped with mayo, cheese, relish, and bacon. Simple yet so divinely decadent. The sheer size of the meal is daunting, and yet I have never had any problem scarfing it down in tip top shape. The sweet relish is a perfect compliment to the salt and savory aspect of the brat and bacon. Sweet and savory is the true key to my favorite Dat Dog.

Dat Dog is like nothing else I’ve ever had. I’m sure there are others spots around the country that offer similar fare, but Dat Dog has ruined me for those places. Colorful in presentation, simple and elegant, casual and local, Dat Dog doesn’t need an ugly ass cart, or an outrageous annual eat fest to trick folks into enjoying their products, it’s just genuinely unique and fantastically perfect all on it’s own.