800 Louisa Street, in the Bywater, has experienced a lot in the last few years. Within a few years after Katrina, Booty’s was the first to inhabit the space with some marginal success. After struggling to connect with locals and visitors alike, Booty’s gave way to the ambitious locally founded outpost Henri Cafe. The space laid dormant for quite sometime until the folks at Revelator Coffee Company announced they were taking over the space, with the given name of Paloma Cafe. Paloma which is Spanish for “Dove”, is self-described as “Roastery-owned corner cafe for artisanal coffee, cocktails & Latin fare in sunlit environs”. In my opinion, the description couldn’t any more apt and perfect. They’ve taken one of my favorite spaces in the bywater, reconfigured it a bit for high comfort and come with some righteous grub that truly hits the sweet spot. The environment and ambiance matches the eclectic menu and seems to be the perfect fit. With healthy offerings across the board including a great mix of vegan and gluten free dishes, it’s hard not to find something for everyone. Whether it’s that morning Revelator Coffee, brunch on the weekends, or a cozy dinner, Paloma Cafe inspires me to continue visiting 800 Louisa.