Y’all, it’s been a while. I wanted to first say thanks so much for coming back to the website and all of your continued support throughout the years. Earlier this summer, I had my first health scare of my life, and that forced me to slow down and re-consider priorities. Things are better and I’m moving in the right direction and feeling better each day. With that said, I needed to make a change, especially in my diet. I needed to make my health a priority. In New Orleans, we live and die by so many things, but it’s our approach to food and drink and that can have the most substantial impact on our lives.

With that said, as I got back to normal, I began to really pay attention to what I was putting in my body. Every once in a while I grab a po-boy and beer, sip some bourbon, and dig deeply into some pizza or cheese fries, but I’m truly dedicated to living better. Below is our list of Top 10 Healthy spots for Nola Eats. These are places I look to for healthy options when it’s not a cheat day! 

Bearcat Cafe

2521 jena street — https://www.bearcatcafe.com

Cafe Carmo

527 Julia Street — http://www.cafecarmo.com

Cambodian Curry

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330 Prytania St. — www.seedyourhealth.com

Tal’s Hummus 

4800 Magazine St. — www.talshummus.com

In the mood for some authentic Israeli street food? We’re open till 10 tonight!

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City Greens

Multiple Locations — www.eatcitygreens.com

The Daily Beet

Multiple Locations — www.thedailybeetnola.com

Raw Republic Juice

4528 Magazine St. — www.rawrepublicjuice.com

Mojo Coffee House

Multiple Locations — www.mojocoffeeroasters.com

Hivolt Coffee 

1829 Sophie Wright Place — www.hivoltcoffee.com

Pythian Market

234 Loyola Ave. — www.pythianmarket.com