If you’ve followed and have been enjoying our content here on iHeartnola.com for some time, you’ve realized we are obsessed with coffee in all it’s facets. One of our favorite places in the city to refuel is Merchant. Located in the Maritime Building at (800 Common St. New Orleans, LA. 70130 / 504.571.9580) in the CBD, Merchant serves not only grade A Illy Coffee but some of the best and quickest breakfasts downtown.

I’ve had several of their pastries, but had never had their breakfast. Being on a total Nutella kick lately, I recently had the chance to try their signature Nutella Crepe. The thing I love about Crepes is they are simple, filling, and have such a huge contrast in taste and texture. I also added strawberries for good measure and they proved to be the perfect compliment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure there’s much one could do to jack up a Crepe, but it’s all in the preparation that takes Merchant’s offer to whole another level. Their pancake style flour crepe was smooth and perfectly textured. Soft and even throughout, there was not burnt or crisp edging and was folded (which I dig) instead of rolled up to make it look like a gigantic ice cream cone (ugh!).

As a creature of nature, I’ll not only continue obsessing over their special mochas, but Merchant will now become one of my go to places for quick, precise, and well done breakfast.