Dominique Ellis

<p>As founder of marketing & pr company Copy That Services, as well publisher of the Nola based lifestyle blog A Little Happy!, <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Dominique Ellis</a> is certainly one of the busiest ladies in Nola. Her style is eclectic and sophisticated with a hint of I do what I want.</p>

No White Flags

<p>You'd have to have lived under the huey p. Long bridge for the last 6 years or so not to know who <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Steve Gleason</a> is. This past summer, a statue outside the Mercedes Benz Superdome will forever remind us all just how important Steve Gleason is to our city and to our beloved Saints.</p>

Jasmine Holzenthal

<p>At this moment i couldn't be more addicted to fashion blogs. Of course i have my favorites from around the web, but i couldn't be any more proud of our local fashion blogger collective here in New Orleans.</p>

Hotel Whiskey Tango

<p>It's been years since I opened up a comic book. Actually, the last time I had one in my hands was the day we packed up the house before evacuating for Katrina. It's those moments in time where you truly begin to decide the fate of objects as just can't leave behind.</p>

Lana Hunt

<p>Designer/Nola fashion blogger/stylist <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Lana Hunt</a> takes each new day on with fashion. Her fantastic blog - chapter twenty nine, showcases her innate ability to pull together a look effortlessly. She's confidently creative in her choices and it shows through each post. P.S. Check out her music photography while you're at it.</p>

Missy Wilkinson

<p>It's been almost a year since we posted 2 of the most successful features here on - "FUGQ" our answer to GQ naming New Orleans as one of the top "worst dressed" cities in the nation as well as our "Nola perfect 10" post. We had such a great time planning, photographing, and producing the features, we've decided to continue them here on as "style profiles". So without further adieu, here's our first style profile, the lovely & sublimely talented, <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Missy Wilkinson</a>.</p>

Amanda DeLeon

<p>I have to admit that as of late, especially with our FU-GQ Men's feature this summer, I've been thinking about fashion more and more. I've been keeping a lookout for cool and interesting people as of late and find myself walking the streets crouching and contorting taking photos a la Bill Cunningham.</p>

iHeart you GQ

<p>For years GQ editors, writers and photographers have been drinking, eating, and grazing their way throughout Nola without any recourse, and just like a tourist. They seem to enjoy themselves just like everyone else, but continue to fais chier on us. I'm over it! Shortly after Katrina their words and photos were bit more forgiving, and they seemed to finally soak us in. But in the last few years, GQ has forgotten about our charm, wit, love and devotion to our culture, and more importantly the essence of our city.</p>

Martin Benson

<p>It was early and breezy Monday morning as I walked around the corner to meet up with artist <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">Martin Benson</a> at his uptown studio. Resting comfortably on his stoop enjoying some tea, Martin and I quickly dove right in to the importance of art in life especially in New Orleans.</p>