I would like to believe that I’m a fan of art. I can be honest with you all and say that my knowledge of fine art needs a bit of touch up work since I graduated from college.The world of contemporary art has amassed a huge following, and a trend in which I want to grab a firm hold.

This brings us to the latest feature and just in time for the Annual White Linen Night. I didn’t get a chance to feature any artists or galleries last year, and wanted to change that this year by featuring one of the galleries I’m most excited about visiting Saturday night, The Martine Chaisson Gallery (727 Camp Street New Orleans, LA, 70130 / 504.427.4759).

Located in the heart of the New Orleans Arts District, Martine Chaisson, will be premiering the work of Hunt Slonem with his latest works: “Fanciful Fauna” opening this Sat. for White Linen night and ending on Sept. 25th.

Martine Chaisson has created a gallery open and inviting with a fabulous use of space and balance as well as a knack for engaging with her customers in a way that no other gallery I’ve ever visited. You won’t be semi-greeted by an employee while scrolling through the latest Facebook feed, or feel the brunt of any half hearted attempt to make you feel at home. As a matter of fact, Martine herself as well as several of her family members welcomed me into the gallery with open arms.

They approach the experience in a very engaging way, and look to give any patron an experience as opposed to just a simple walk through. Smiles, laughter, and experience aside, The Martine Chaisson is poised to become one of the premier galleries in New Orleans, and I cannot wait to see what’s going to be hanging next.