Nearly a decade ago, I stumbled upon the record “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” by Chicago based band Wilco.  Little did I know that this seminal record would change my life forever. From “I am only trying to break your heart” all the way through “Reservations”, the CD literally stayed in my cd player for nearly 6 months. It is and will always be my “Abbey Road”. From that point on I feverishly scrubbed back and forth through their discography as if I was one of those DEA dogs searching for loot. I wanted to inhale it all. 

For the most part, Wilco and all of its music has been a soundtrack to my life more than any other band or artist. This past monday night I was thrilled and honored to not only experience the show in the beautifully renovated Orpheum Theater, but I was also blessed to be able to photograph some of their stellar performance. The sonic highway they lead us down was absolutely one of, if not the best live shows I’ve ever seen. The Orpheum was the perfect venue for the show and the entire theater proved to be a sweet spot. It was a truly magical night, and I was so happy to be a part of such a monumental show. Check out the rest of the images from the show below, and thanks to you all for your continued support!