Last summer, Nola’s own Pell released his first full length record, “Floating While Dreaming”. I remember the day of when the record hit, invaded my feed, and I immediately began streaming it and got sucked into it’s dreamscape. It’s no surprise that the national media has dubbed Pell’s unique style and production as “dream rap”. In the end, I get it, his sound is eclectic, unique, and his delivery is fresh and diverse. I have to say, catching Pell at this part year’s Buku Music+Art Project was one of the main reasons why I felt compelled to attend. 

This past week, Pell released his sophomore full length record “Limbo”. I expected the record to be hit like a ton of bricks, but I was truly blown away. Even though it shows an evolution of sorts, the tracks are even more airy and diverse. These days, records hit every day of the week, and I very few stand out. Pell’s “Limbo” is certainly bigger than that. The record is a journey, but for me the standouts include “Monday Morning”, “Café Du Monde”, and the ridiculously dope “Queso”, which features a wild, Steve Miller Band inspired sound. It’s one of the best songs I’ve heard this year and confirms that Pell continues to float while dreaming. Check out the official trailer for “Queso” below directed by the super talented Tyle Yee