I never really thought I would ever consider using the term “swag” ever, much less to describe a place. Here and now I’m throwing all caution to the wind and saying that The Saint Hotel (931 Canal St New Orleans, LA 70112 / 504.522.5400), on storied Canal Street, is unabashadely swag. This is our first in a series of posts presented by The New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau in support of their “Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown” campaign.

In less than 12 months, the ultra swank and uber modern Saint Hotel has become one of the most talked about boutique hotel in the city. Fine art fashion photography line the walls, luxurious appointments and accents worthy of a Wallpaper and Dwell magazine spread fill the 1st floor and throughout the rest of the property. There’s an ethereal quality to The Saint Hotel, and you notice it the moment you walk through the all glass threshold, that is by the way, flanked by their fantastic new restaurant Tempt, and their Burgandy Bar.

Marble entryway as you walk through the tall glass appointed doors.

Each room is different throughout the property and are highlighted by bright white appointments featured one of my favorite work chairs as well as highly polished lacquered furniture. The natural light creeps in perfectly through the brick lined wall. Modern amenities like a personal Krups machine and very high speed internet access round up the room’s highlights.

The moment the doors on the elevator open, you are instantly transported into a new world. Purple lighting splashes and bounces from floor to ceiling in terrific contrast to the warmth of the walls and ornate carpet. The large and ornate mirrors give a doubling effect to the very large wall to wall vintage photographs of Canal Street in it’s early days.

I loved the stark contrast between the white mid-century inspired furniture and the deep glass-like floors and walls in the lobby. The sheer white drapes added just the right amount of allure to the space. Love the super large chair that sits in the lobby at the entrance to The Burgundy Bar.

Directly in front of the glassed wall facing out to bustling Canal Street, is another conglomerate of mid-century inspired furniture.

Some of the coolest elements of the lobby are stationed right behind the Canal Street lobby window. The green and blue accents on each wall vibrate in harmony and provide for a great backdrop for the hotel’s eclectic selection of art. Love the pool table’s blue hue as well as the plush booths to the right of it.

Directly across from the Canal Street facing lobby is another panoramic portrait of Canal Street fitted in a super graceful curve above the front desk. Love the purple lit nook and business office.

This is certainly one of the larger chandelier instillations I’ve ever seen and the bell shaped hood is a true standout. Their choice in color appointments truly stand out among other properties.

The Burgundy Bar to the right of the front entrance, couldn’t be any more of a contrast from the rest of the hotel. Dark reds and of course burgundy accents soak into the senses. It’s the one space in the property where the statement “Even Saints can be Sinners” can be spoken without hesitation.

The stellar staff was always prompt,courteous and work hard to stand out. The service and their approach was always on point, but I have to say the hotel’s surroundings and appointments slightly trumped the service. That’s what happens when a property just shimmers in the way The Saint does. Finally, The Saint Hotel is perfectly and centrally located within NOLA and is such a great point of departure for your vacation or staycation.