Time Is Money

<p>Earlier this year I posted a photo on Instagram of some fantastic street art that caught my eye around town. I remember that I also posted it to my Facebook iHeartnola.com page and within the amount time it took take to make pop-tarts, there was a negative comment. I dwelled on the comment for weeks, sort of in awe. It was surrounding the idea that street art was defiling the city of New Orleans with it's blight. I have to admit, and this is totally my opinion, that the street art found around our city is part of the fabric and culture of New Orleans. Of course as a photographer, the city is my backdrop and the street art is my own visual MDMA.</p>

Nolachick X Exhibit Be

<p>Way back in the day, right when New Orleans was coming around to Twitter, I signed up. Not really knowing what to make of it or even what to do with it, the Nola Twitter community was taking shape. One of it's mavens was and has always been <a target="_blank" href="http://www.nolachick.net" rel="noopener noreferrer">Nolachick</a>. Marielle, aka Nolachick, has become one of the most well known, versatile, and prolific models in and around town.</p>

Our Favorite Nola Graffiti

<p>New Orleans has always been considered a colorful and magical place. In our opinion, and certainly contrary to the Grey Ghost, we feel as though the graffiti around town adds to the seduction, charm, and experience of Nola. World renowned artist Banksy has produced many pieces around town that sometimes documents our city's strife and our allure. Below are some of our favorite pieces of Nola graffiti, which we consider art.</p>