Johnny Sanchez

<p>The word "authentic" gets thrown around like tortillas all too often. More often than not, Mexican eateries take the brunt of the over-usage of the word. To me it's so ironic. In my own experiences with Mexican restaurants, the food offered is all the same and could not be any further from "authentic". Don't get me wrong, there are some exceptions to the rule here in Nola, and you know who you are, but for the most part most my experiences are subpar to say the least.</p>


<p>Even before i knew how to spell "parmesan" & "garganelli", I knew Italian food would always make me happy. It truly wasn't till the storm that i finally found out red gravy is actually marinara, it isn't always made with sugar, and angel hair is actually officially called "cappellini". Recently, Domenica, inside the historic roosevelt hotel, has made it it's mission to introduce new orleans to sophisticated & pure italian dining.</p>