For several decades, famed photographer Richard Sexton has documented through his lens, the world over. Even though he was born in Atlanta, which we won’t hold against him, Richard Sexton calls New Orleans home and has become his base of operation for quite some time.

Richard’s photographic tome, “New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence”, may be his most well known, but it’s his releases of late that inspire me the most. Sexton’s 2007 “Terra Incognita: Photographs of America’s Third Coast” is still one my favorite photo books ever. It’s quite a departure for Sexton, in every way. The elegance and grace in the solitude of those plates forced me to re-think my own curiosity in photography.

It’s been over 7 years since Terra Incognita and Richard has recently released his latest book + exhibition, “Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin Caribbean Sphere”. Furthermore described by Sexton :

“Creole World is a complex, multi-layered photo essay linking New Orleans, which is frequently referred to as ” the nothernmost Caribbean city”, with its cultural kin further south.”

As Richard explained the premise of the book, when I visited with him, he noted just as he does in the description of the book that the visual relationship between New Orleans the Caribbean are uncanny. I’ve certainly heard this most of my life and truly believe it. As I flipped through the beautifully printed pages, I began to second guess my own ability to tell the difference. It’s truly uncanny, and I had no idea.

“Creole World” very much reminds of Robert Polidori’s work, with one big difference, Richard Sexton’s images move with color and life. The book is also his most vibrant and contrast-filled work to date.

Richard Sexton’s “Creole World” is available for sale around town in the usual places. The accompanying exhibition is on display at The Historic New Orleans Collection, and is the perfect excuse to #BeATouristInYourOwnHomeTown.