As this site continues to evolve, I wanted to put a stake in the ground and move forward and beyond posting just style profiles on I began to realize that the person I’m profiling is so much more than the outfit and their accoutrements. At the core of it, each person I’ve profiled over the years has a story beyond their style.

Case in point is our latest profile, Ashley Monaghan. As someone who is always at the hustle, Ashley is truly a standout in not only her style, but also with her ambition. Ashley Monaghan is co-founder of the blogging team “the girl gang”, is a singer/songwriter, works as a social media director, all while being a college student.

Here’s one of our favorite YouTube videos:

If you were to follow her feed on Instagram (@asheleny) you’d notice off the jump just how intriguing she is. Her individual style is raw and at the same time focused on what fits her energetic and intense personality.