Earlier this year, alt blues powerhouse Blonde Roses released their stellar EP “Hell or High Water”. The moment it was released I made sure to add it to my Apple Music library to swing back to and give it a listen. Life happened, and as other tracks and bands entered the fold, the EP kind of tumbled a bit. I never got a chance to feature it and just lost track of time. Singer/guitarist Molly Portier (who I’ve known since the days of her previous project Wooden Wings) recently reached out to share with me the band’s latest un-released track, “One Ways”.
The moment the track begins, the dirty and bluesy intro sets the tone as the track builds up a melodic frenzy via Portier’s soulful voice. I’m a sucker for blues organ, and “One Ways” has just the right amount for me, meandering through the very Queens of The Stone Age esque chorus. The song is a 2 1/2 minute tour-de-force and I’m so thrilled and honored to premiere it here at IHN. I’m done talking, click below to listen, and enjoy the sonic ass kicking you’re about to receive.