At some point in your life, you had that favorite pair of sunglasses you crushed, lost, or had stolen. To this day, you regret whatever happened to them. There’s no other accoutrement that generates more swag than the perfect pair of shades. New orleans born and bred brand Krewe Du Optic has set out to produce and deliver folks around the world with just that perfect pair.

Look, here’s the thing, I can’t knock anyone who rocks a classic pair of Raybans, they’re just that, classic. In my opinion, besides the actual “Ray-ban” logo pasted on the side of their offerings, there’s truly no difference in the real deal and the knockoffs you can buy on Bourbon Street. Hell, I attended as wedding a few months ago where everyone in the bridal party was given a pair of Wayfarer “inspired” sunglasses. Their brand and legacy has become more diluted than a cocktail at Olive Garden.

I recently sat down with Artist/Creator Stirling Barrett to discuss Krewe Du Optic. Besides being blown away by the attention to detail and fit & finish of the 3 officially launched styles, I learned that not all sunglasses are made the same. Many of the most well known brands offer frames formed out of injection molds and contain far inferior components.

By contrast, here’s how Krewe describes their process and what truly sets them apart from the rest…

“We are following the lead of the great brands before us that believed not in cost cutting and speed, but in building a product that lasts. Our materials, processes and construction always focus upon durability, proper weight, color and clarity. This is the opposite of planned obsolescence. We want our frames to last. Mazzucchelli Zyl Acetate – This renewable resource is a high quality durable material originating from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. The materials incredible colorfastness stems from the hue being embedded into the frame rather than being sprayed on top of it, as they are in less expensive frame materials–so the color never peels. Acetate is also a pliable material that can be heated and custom fit to you and your face. Resulting in a smooth, flawless product with the perfect weight. Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses – KREWE uses Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, which are the strongest and sharpest lenses on the planet for over 100 years and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.”

Here’s the kicker y’all, with all the aforementioned features above, the Krewe Du Optic sell for less! I totally flipped my shit when I heard that. Seriously, not kidding, you get handcrafted acetate frames and Carl Zeiss lensed sunglasses for less than a pair of “I love looking like the next guy” shades down at your favorite sunglass chain store.

Initially, Krewe has released 3 distinct and bad ass styles in several colorways aptly titled CALLI•OPE, The Fly, and finally Toulouse. 

CALLI•OPE | Midnight Tortoise

Calli-ope is KREWE’s contemporary classic. It is a timeless re-model of cult designs from the ‘40s and ‘90s. It’s clean, almost rectangular lines, have the unique ability to elevate the wearer’s style when worn in any fashion to any place.

THE FLY | Matte Tokyo Tortoise

The Fly is our take on the wayfarer styling. It’s unisex style tends to fit everyone who puts them on, and are finished with real riveted 5-barrel hinges for strength and durability. The Fly is perfect for cruising the city on two wheels, hanging with your KREWE, or any boardroom meeting. It truly Is a staple to complete any wardrobe.

TOULOUSE | Champagne & Rue Tortoise

Toulouse is KREWE’s interpretation of the timeless “P3” styling. Its oversized key-hole and wayfarer-esque temples give a nod to vintage styling while being firmly planted in the now. From proportion and fit, to sizing and design; Its one of those styles that works extremely well on just about anyone who puts them on, male or female.

Not only can you buy them online, Krewe Du Optic sunglasses are available for trying on and copping at their ever expanding stockists…

ART & EYES 3708 Magazine St., F R I E N D 2115 Magazine St., DIRTY COAST 329 Julia St. + 5631 Magazine St., THE VILLA 1281 N. Causeway Blev Mandeville, LA 70471, JEAN THERAPY 5505 Magazine St., SÖPÖ 629 N. Carrollton Ave, Hattie Sparks 714 Adams St.