Lawrence Fothe of Dagger Down

Veteran singer/songwriter and all around badass Lawrence Fothe has released a new record with his band Dagger Down.

Lawrence Fothe and his band Dagger Down recently released their stellar self-titled record, and it harkens back to the tightly produced and bombastic records of my youth. With Voodoo opening this weekend, this makes for a perfect time to feature unique tour de force record. Filled with driving guitar, and equally powerful drums, the record is perfect for a Louisiana road trip.

Certainly the record has the making of a solid rock offering, but it’s Lawrence’s lyrics and voice that truly makes this record stand out. Tracks like “Take Me Down” and “Golden Girl” truly show off Fothe’s range and is terrifically complimented by bassist and producer Rick Nelson’s (of Afghan Whigs) dedicated attention to detail and nuance.

I recently spent the morning with Lawrence over coffee during a typical summertime downpour and truly enjoyed chatting about music, life, and the pursuit of all things creative. Lawrence and Dagger Down have definitely hit “Snake Eyes” with this record and needs to be added to your road trip playlists asap! Enjoy, and Happy Halloween weekend y’all!