Jory, Joe & Dave

Jory, Joe & Dave

Less than 2 years ago, Baby Bee dropped a raucous shockwave of a song titled “High Heel Leather Boots”. I remember downloading the song instantly and to this day, it tends to inspire me to make bad decisions. It’s two minutes and 13 seconds worth of ass-kicking rock n’ roll.

Baby Bee may hail from down the bayou in Houma, but their sound is pure adrenaline. The fellas made their major label debut last year with their second EP, “Bee Sides”. They’re back this year with a brand new single “The Daddy”, which we’re super stoked and proud to debut here on

“The Daddy” is absolutely Baby Bee, but it’s the subtle additions that you’ll hear in the song that make it truly stand out. The organ pulses in the background and the harmony adds a splash of refinement to an already stellar track. Baby Bee’s music, especially “The Daddy”, reminds me of the scenes from Guy Richie’s “Snatch” when Dennis Farina leaves New York to fly to London and it’s a whirlwound ball of adrenaline, at a breakneck pace.

Without further adieu, check out a few more pics from my shoot with the fellas below, as well as the world premiere of Baby Bee’s latest single “The Daddy”…