Robin Barnes — Songbird Sessions

I have had the distinct pleasure of watching & photographing singer/songwriter, and pal Robin Barnes, grow and morph into the artist we have all come to love and respect. Several years ago we met over coffee and she posed for one of my first of many street style profiles along Oak St.

Always beaming and the consummate professional, Robin has since released her first EP, toured the world, and has finally found her true groove in her latest and most ambitious EP yet, Songbird Sessions. I’ve only heard a little bit of her latest jazz infused grooves, but the musical path she’s heading down is one of sultry maturity, and the comfortable driven voice of someone who has truly found her way. I have intentionally forced myself not request pre-release copy to review because I really want to experience her new EP like a the true fan  at her release party this Saturday afternoon (see below). Head out Saturday after brunch, and pick a few copies in support of such great Nola artists.

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