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My friend and frequent collaborator, Andi Eaton has recently released her super impressive and comprehensive new book titled “Wonderful — The Bohemian’s Guide to Traveling in Style”. Below you’ll find the description of the book…

Andi Eaton

A girl with a love for off-the-beaten-path destinations, fashion maven Andi Eaton found herself putting aside the Lonely Planet and Condé Nast Traveler guides and, instead, looking to bohemians and artists for travel and style inspiration: What do the flower children wear on their excur­sions? Where are the creatives’ favorite vintage shops? And where do the musicians go late-night dancing after the last encore? The dreamer in her wanted more than what a standard travel guide could offer, so she decided to create her own.

Wanderful is a stylish lookbook and travelogue for the adven­turous and nomadic at heart. Follow in Andi’s footsteps as she travels the United States to discover some of its most effort­lessly chic destinations—and the fashionable free spirits and wanderers who live there. Nine intimate and exciting road trip routes explore cities, forests, and in between, and will make you feel like you’re traipsing the country with your best, and best-dressed, girlfriends by your side. Every route features a peek into the closets of area tastemakers, and many routes lead to favorite trendy destinations, including Joshua Tree, New Orleans, Marfa, and Santa Fe. Throughout, there are photos, stories, and recommendations for where to shop, dine, and find music and fun, just like a local.

Perfect for anyone with a wandering spirit, Wanderful will make you want to pack a cute bag, throw on your best outfit, and hit the road for a stylish adventure.


After spending a few hours flipping around the fantastically printed, photographed, and designed book, I wanted to instantly pack a bag, grab the keys, and hit the road. Andi’s authentic approach to travel is well curated, and I found myself getting caught up in the people and the destinations within it’s pages. Speaking of destinations, Andi basically covers America from edge to edge, but offers up advice and suggestions for each stop based on the type of traveler you are and not just based on her own desires. Whether you’re a “long weekender”, “day tripper”, “music lover”, “explorer”, or a “wanderer”, this manual will lead down the right path. It truly, pops with color, inspires an open ended journey, and makes me want to leave it all behind and just let go.


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