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#i❤️ NOLA

#i❤️ NOLA

 I recently found out, through a very keen friend, that @Instagram is finally allowing hashtags to include emojis. Since I totally communicate in hashtags and emojis IRL, I thought it would be fitting to highlight some of my favorite images that included the namesake of this website! Below you'll find my favorite 9 images from a growing number of images featuring the aforementioned #. Follow them all and make sure to comment as to whey you ❤️ NOLA. 

#i❤️NOLA #nola #neworleans

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Mississippi River Walk, New Orleans #I❤️NOLA #FrenchQuarter #RiverWalk #TakesMyBreathAway

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Here's my reason for getting out of bed. Plus I'm bartending for Mardi Gras. #i❤️NOLA #MardiGras

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Royal and St. Louis

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Belle's Diner

Belle's Diner