That one thing : Katherine Rowan

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been following the super talented Katherine Rowan (@katherine_rowan) on Instagram, and have been extremely impressed with her point of a view as well as her focus on the culture and beauty of New Orleans. Her second line work shows the joy and excitement of one of the most treasured events in our history. Great emotion and character is shown in here work. 

I spent some time walking around one my favorite parts of the city with Katherine,  and getting to know her and her approach. I was thrilled to have met her and talk about her love for the city. Even though she’s originally from Maryland, her work reflects the affection of a native. Below you’ll find her answer to our favorite question “What’s that one thing you love about New Orleans” as well as my favorite images from Katherine’s feed. Enjoy…

“The one thing I love the most about New Orleans is the color. New Orleans overflows with color. Colorful shotgun houses, colorful street art, colorful personalities. Nothing about life here is dull. In every neighborhood and on every street there’s something beautiful to be seen.”

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