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Welcome to our 1st Annual King Cake Throwdown. Since we have just one week before Fat Tuesday, we want to share with you all our Top 5 favorite king cakes of the season. We filled a room with some of our favorite people along with the cakes below.

It didn’t take us long to rip open the plastic and get down to business. In the end, we all suffered from King Cake coma and no amount of milk could wash away that sweet goodness of Carnival. Just like they told me back in the day when I played playground sports, everyone is a winner here, and we have ranked each cake according to overall taste and flavor.


I think that everyone is aware as to just how much we like Sucre. It goes without saying that they do lots of things very well, but none as good as their King Cake. Their cake not only looks beautiful with it’s shimmering dust on top, but it’s taste was like nothing else. The frosting on top was evenly applied and never overpowered the light and airy interior. Inside, their subtle approach to cream cheese won all of us over.

Here’s how to get it for your Krewe :

SUCRE • METAIRIE 3301 Veterans Boulevard METAIRIE, LA. 70002 PH 504.834.2277 SUCRE • UPTOWN 3025 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA. 70115 PH. 504.520.8311 webiconfacebook_icontwitter_icon

Party Palace had us all at hello with it’s best rendition of the traditional king cake. Each piece we dug into was moist but not gooey, sweetly flavored without gobbs of sugary paste. There’s not sprinkles of other euroneus doodads on this cake, just damn good flavor. There was just enough cinnamon throughout made this cake a delight to eat and enjoy. Very good overall.

Here’s how to get it for your Krewe :

The best place to score a Party Palace King Cake is at your local Langestein’s in Metairie and in Uptown New Orleans.

LANGENSTEIN’S • METAIRIE 800 METAIRIE ROAD METAIRIE, LA. 70005 PH 504.831.6682 LANGENSTEIN’S • UPTOWN 1330 ARABELLA Street New Orleans, LA. 70115 PH. 504.899.9283 webiconfacebook_icontwitter_icon

Antoine’s King Cake was the most decedent of the bunch this year. This dense and well proportioned cake stood out because of it’s sheer mass and flavor. The icing was creamy and smooth which worked well with the subtle hint of cinnamon throughout the cake. Bear in mind, this was also the largest king cake of the 5 and I would advise taking a break between pieces because it will knock you into a Mike Tyson style coma. I would recommend cut a small slice, eat on bit, swill some milk, then repeat. Antoine’s King Cake is one of our all time favorites and certainly worth the drive to the Westbank from any location.

Here’s how to get it for your Krewe :

ANTOINE’S BAKERY 1300 Stumpf Blvd Gretna, LA 70053 PH 504.368.6222 webicon

La Dolce Nola is the newest kid on the block as well as one of the most delicious specialty king cakes we’ve had in a long time. Right of the box, I noticed the cake was perfectly round and featured evenly distributed carnival colors throughout. Where we were all really blown away was the fresh Louisiana Strawberry and cream cheese filling that remind all of us of our childhood favorite the grilled cheese. The cream cheese was milky smooth and not too tart offset by the very very generous and fresh strawberries. The cake itself was dense enough to hold it’s unique flavor without being thick and gooey. Overall it was the best filled cake we’ve had this season!

Here’s how to get it for your Krewe :

LA DOLCE NOLA • Old Metairie Snackery and Gelateria 200 METAIRIE RD. METAIRIE, LA. 70005 PH. 504.832.1122 webiconfacebook_icontwitter_icon

First of all we had to include a New Orleans favorite – McKenzie’s King Cake. Baked and sold throughout town at Tastee Donuts, the McKenzie’s King Cake holds a special place in the hearts of New Orleanians. Although not my favorite of the bunch, it is the most consistent and oldest ranking. Tradition in my opinion is the downside of the cake. Overall, it was extremely fresh and had a just bit too much cinnamon for my taste. What most folks love about this cake is the thick paste like sugar coating on the top which is one of the things I don’t like about it. None-the-less it’s still one of the easiest and widely available cakes in the city and in a pinch, I’d be proud to bite into one of these King Cakes.

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