When it comes to live music, I typically act differently with each genre. At a rock show, I'll bob my head a bit, mostly stay in one spot, and just groove.

At a hip-hop show I'll bob my head a little bit more and proceed to fist-pump while wearing my Saints cap tilted to the side. Last but not least, when I'm at a folk singer/songwriter show, I'll grab a drink, take a seat and typically tap my feet, sip, then repeat.

One of my favorite artists of the latter genre is our own NOLA native son, Andrew Duhon. Upon my first listen of his debut disc "Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You ", I initially compared him to one of my all time favorite artists, Ray LaMontagne. After listening several more times and seeing him live, I began to truly appreciate him more.





Seriously, love Ray, but I must say if I were on suicide watch and all they played was his disc "Trouble", I would not last the night. Conversely, Andrew Duhon's music teleports me to a place where it's all about good times and good people, with a side of confession-esque complexity. His voice is raspy, yet refined, with the range of a rover traveling down a dusty road.

Guitar in hand, and harmonica dangling around his neck, both instruments pant to be played charmingly. Within his highlight filled debut "Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You", "Too Late" is by far my favorite tune. Firmly backed by The Lonesome Crows, it's slightly lounging organ nestled right in between the lazy river drums, Andrew gingerly sings and strums right along with the harmonica. Each time I hear the song, it reminds of what it's like to kiss that special someone, take another sip, and dance with her real close. Music is all about mood for me, and Andrew makes the most of it. I certainly recommend seeing him live, but if by chance you miss him, check out his stuff in it's recorded form.