I would say as of the first few weeks of the new year, New Orleans is a city deep in depression. With the murder rate already in double digits, LSU getting shutout by Bama, and finally the Saints losing a heartbreaker in San Fran, I can't imagine how it could get any worse.

Don't get me wrong, I understand there are more events going on in our stratosphere of country, but to us there's nothing more important! Thank goodness we have good food, good drink, and some stellar comedy to help get us through.

I have been a huge fan and proponent of the NOLA comedy scene it seems to get bigger and better every year. One of my favorite group of decathlete comedians is The New Movement. Comprised of the most ridiculous comedic minds I've ever witnessed live, The New Movement are at the forefront of the scene.

Their latest and most ambitious effort is "Raising Nola Comedy Awareness: 19 Shows in 19 Days in 19 Venues", and it celebrates their new performance space on Burgunday St. by filling the month of January with a non-stop lineup of shows leading up to their finale, quite aptly named "Fun Razor".

To check out the details on their event visit the events Facebook page ---> click here.

Below are their latest set of "Raising Nola Comedy Awareness" PSA's as well as 2 of my favorite videos they've released in last few months. Hilarity will ensue, and since the Saints and Tigers are done for the season, we all seem a to have some free un-adulterated time for comedy.

PSA #1

PSA # 2

PSA # 3

"Turning Points - The Horse"

"That's Cool"