IMG_2253 I swear I don't know why it took me so long to become addicted to MyNameIsJohnMichael. I must have been munching on some doozer sticks down on Fraggle Rock for the past year and half. I'm no Keith Spera, and I may not have any business waxing over music, but seriously they are the best band to come out of New Orleans in quite some time.

The year was 2008 and while under the spell of a seemlessly careless bet made with friends, John Michael Rouchell set out to write 1 song per week for a year. After recording and posting each song on his website as MyNameIsJohnMichael, fans voted for which tracks would eventually make it onto their debut disc "The People That Come and Go".









The airy yet warm and swollen sound of "Her, I Think" floats right alongside lyrics like : "she doesn't care for your chivalry, she says gentleman are wolves in drag". Great lyrics coupled with bombastic interludes, makes this song my favorite and has repeat written all over it. "Nothing But Memories" and "Misery Runs" round out the podium for me. Both songs reveal just how in sync they are. The harmony between their voices, organ, and trumpet knocks me into that Forrest Gump state of mind where I know everything is going to be ok.

MyNameIsJohnMichael is made up of the following very talented dudes :

Joe Bourgeois (bass), Leo DeJesus (guitar, keys, percussion, glockenspiel, & vocals), Richard Dubourg (rhodes, organ, guitar & harmonies), Eric Rogers (drums), John Michael Rouchell (guitar & vocals) , and Cory Schultz (guitar, trumpet, percussion, keys, double-belled euphonium, clarinet). I cannot help but to also state for the record that you have to see for yourself several of the band members using an aluminum trash cash as a percussion instrument. Brilliant my dear Watson.

More importantly, the music of MyNameIsJohnMichael, heard through speakers or headphones, and better yet live, resonates with energy. You can purchase their album at Louisiana Music Factory ( • 210 Decatur Street New Orleans, LA 70130 • or click here to order online at