Oh how I miss the 90's, when no one "moved like Jagger", there was no auto-tune, MTV actually showed groundbreaking videos, and the popular music of the day was pure kick ass rock.

Of course, in 20 years change is gonna come and we've seen rock radio die and Emo kids wanting to be vampires take over what's left of the airwaves. Besides a select few bands out there, the music world we live in is scary sort. Seriously, Bruno Mars should go outside and catch a grenade, Wayne should pull up his pants, Nickleback should leave the dime bags alone, and if I hear "Firework" from Katy Perry one more time I just might step in front of some this holiday season. Where have all the rock bands gone?

The Breton Sound, a fun loving and bombastic quartet has recently released their debut EP "Eudaemonia" and have set their sites on changing the landscape of popular rock. Their four song EP is a combination of unique layers and sounds, catalytic hooks, and masterfully rad syncopation.

Founded by long-time friends Jonathan Pretus /1/ and Stephen Turner /2/, The Breton Sound's, umm sound, is lush and sophisticated, driven to the edge, and their rhythm reflects OCD drive for perfection. Every little detail is present and accounted for, all the while showing off their collaborative effort with long-time Better Than Ezra bassist & producer, Tom Drummond. Rounding out the quartet are : Chris Arceneaux /4/ on drums, and Brian Pretus /3/ on bass/vox.

My favorite track as of right now is "Crisis Or Carnival". It's a rockin' ass tune that you should download and listen for yourself.

Crisis Or Carnival by TheBretonSoundTracks

I'm so thrilled to have gotten to know each and of these dudes, and I'm so happy that their rock n' roll dreams are coming to fruition. In celebration of their EP release, The Breton Sound will be playing a show with another great artist, Chase McCloud this coming Friday night at The Howlin' Wolf Den. Below is the invite, and do your best Jagger and make it to the show!