Ever since I can remember, folks have been representing who they are and what they are into through t-shirts. Recently, I was thumbing through some old family pics and found a shot of me in an old school Atlanta Braves t-shirt. One of my faves through the younger years.

While thinking back, I quickly, and I mean quickly filtered through memories of the Coca-Cola, Generra, and god forbid, the Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirts I would no longer be caught dead in. One thing stood out though, for better or worse I wanted to represent who I was, what I was into, or who I was following back then.

Our latest feature is Storyville. Since Katrina, most folks around town have become almost hyper-proud of New Orleans. This I really dig. We live in one of the most unique places on the planet and people want shout it loud and proud. Storyville, in my opinion, has become the mecca for folks who want "Rep Yo City" through apparel.

Storyville offers well designed & printed, local t-shirts that bleed their tag-line "Wear Your Story". Designs printed on top notch American Apparel T's include : "Beign-YaY", "Westbank - The Best Bank", "Welcome to the Chalmation Nation" and finally the most popular to date "Brad Pitt for Mayor".

Owned and operated by the Harvey family, including Josh, Gabe, Elizabeth, Rebekah, Greg, and Seth, Storyville not only has a location on historic Magazine Street, but also in Baton Rouge (original location - near LSU's campus), and near UT in Austin.

So my call to action today boys and girls is this: If you are feeling every so slightly proud of NOLA, donate all of your Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister T's to Bridge House, and become a cultural individual through Storyville.


UPTOWN - NEW ORLEANS - 504.304-6209 3029 Magazine Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

BATON ROUGE - 225.387-2275 236 W. Chimes Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

AUSTIN, TX - 512.478-0000 2001A Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas 78705