It's been almost five years since Hurricane Katrina and the pride for the city within our state lines and beyond has exploded! I could not be any happier! Who Dat and all that!

One of the most individual ways to rep yo' city besides a tattoo or a Saints Jersey, is with a t-shirt. With the likes of DirtyCoast, Fleurty Girl, Defend New Orleans, and last week's feature Storyville, how does anyone stand out?

I do believe that each of the designers above have a lot of variety to offer with very cool gear, but none stand out more in my mind than Shultzilla. I first caught glimpse of their wares last month when I featured The Occasional Wife.


While walking around chit chatting with Ginger and taking some snaps, I could not help but to smile and chuckle at Shultzilla's whimsical sophistication and the clever execution of their designs.

With nearly a dozen designs for sale, the two most recent "Spill Baby Spill, Drill Baby Drill" and "Uptown Airlines - We 'bout to touchdown" represent just what they are capable of. I have a feeling they've got some more cool on tap for us. Seriously, I don't think Shultzilla will be touching down anytime soon.