A few months ago we released the iHeart GQ post which was our answer to GQ naming New Orleans the "12th worst dressed city in the nation", and frankly I was offended. We pulled together and produced the feature in record time. Needless to say, it was one of our most popular features, and we're so thrilled to have worked with such great friends!

I must say, while working on the guys, I couldn't help but begin to think about what an iHeart GQ The Ladies feature would look like. With the help of some friends, I finally whittled down the list to 10 of the most stylish and sophisticated ladies I know. Below is the list of "My NOLA Perfect 10", which brings together women who exemplify the beauty and elegance that only a New Orleans lady could pull off.

Oh and one last thing, this feature is our official 100TH feature here on We're so proud of this accomplishment, we've partnered with one of my favorite shops, Vernon Clothing, on a happy hour event celebrating not only the 100th feature but the ladies who are part of our NOLA Perfect 10 below. At the end of the feature there will deets on the event. Hope you can make it!

Thanks so much to everyone who's supported this site and I look forward to many more features.

Andi, who's the Creative Director of NOLA Fashion Week, describes her style as "gypsy jet setter, and an on-the-move indie + luxury lover, as well as a combination of quirky cool art school, meets Dubai princess, meets ivy league librarian."

Links » NOLA Fashion Week | @andieaton

Elsa, who's the Editor in Chief at Amelie G Magazine, as well as owner of the fashion house Ottilie Brodmann, describes here style as "60's inspired working girl, a blend of Jackie O and Joanie from Mad Men. I like to incorporate new and vintage pieces into each look. I also have a great love for a good 5in. heel and wear them frequently."

Links » AmelieG Magazine | Ottilie Brodmann

Juley, fashion blogger and mastermind behind, describes here style as "simple, classic and consistent."

Links » | @juleytl

Kate Grace Bauer, fashion blogger/stylist and all around vibe ambassador, describes here style as "eclectic and classic funky", and is wearing select pieces from Leah Milana & St. Claude Jewelry.

Links » KGB Blog | @kategracebauer

Katie, who's the Style Director for AmelieG Magazine, describes her style as "classically girly with a rebellious twist."

Links » AmelieG Magazine | @katieDstylist

Martine, who is the owner/director of the art gallery Martine Chaisson Gallery, describes here style as "a combination of two distinct looks. I switch back and forth from classic feminine silhouettes from the 40's and 50's and modern clean lined pieces. But no matter what I'm wearing the higher the heel the better."

Links » Martine Chaisson Gallery | @MartineGallery

Rachel, who's the Producer & Artist Wrangler at Liveset, describes here style as "classically girly with a dash of silliness."

Links » | @RachelPuckett

Roxie, who's an entertainer and Dance Director with Slow Burn Burlesque, describes her style as "vintage 30s-50s with a naughty streak."

Links » Slow Burn Burlesque

Elizabeth, who's a Marketing Director, describes her style as "its like if the 1920's met the 1990's and they hooked up and had a steamy love affair in modern day Paris. The 20's boast an intricately feminine and yet boldly ornate attitude, while the 90's bring a masculine, hard edge to the table. I love a healthy dose of androgyny... i also love whiskey."

Tilly Finley, who's a blogger/contributing stylist/photographer, describes her style as "classically sophisticated with just a bit of flirty mixed in."

Links » We N.O. Fashion a New Orleans Streetwear blog