Figuring out what you are going to wear when attending sporting events in Southeast Louisiana, history has revealed that comfort for the most part is at the top of the list. Now don't get me wrong, there are some exceptions to the rule, but jerseys, jeans, and t-shirts are standard fare.

Two very talented and dialed in local designers have set out to change it all for our Lady WhoDats and Tigers out there. Jolie & Elizabeth got their start like so many young people that leave NOLA and return with a huge sense of pride, urgency, and a desire to make it on their own terms in the city they love. Here's a bit about them in their own words:

"Drawing inspiration from the heart of the deep south, New Orleans; over a pitcher of sweet tea and a messy shrimp po boy, Jolie and Elizabeth was born. Jolie & Elizabeth is comprised of two young New Orleans fashion designers, Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey


The two met in the big apple while, as fate would have it, Sarah interned for Jolie at BCBG. In due time, the two realized that the street they were searching for was not Fifth Avenue nor Rodeo Drive, but Desire. Staying true to timeless southern style, the dresses of Jolie and Elizabeth surpass forced trends that overlook the purpose of a dress: to adorn or decorate; to render pleasing or attractive. Trends come and go, but a true Southern girl knows good style and good attitude go hand in hand. And there's nothing more charmingly irresistible than that."



With a clear and concise emphasis on great fitting silhouettes and layered pieces with purpose, their entirely Louisiana Made garments reflect an approach that is classic yet truly forward thinking. All of the dresses I was lucky enough to preview were very well put together and designed to accentuate not discriminate.

Jolie & Elizabeth's GameDay Collection is where they truly piqued my interest. As I stated earlier, there aren't many options out their for women to truly feel feminine all the while supporting their team. J&E have done just that with their offerings this season.

Their black and gold silhouetted dresses as well as their own elegant WhoDat Scarf, are the pieces that truly stand out for me. The structure, cut, and designs are well done, and show just how dedicated Jolie & Elizabeth are to their craft. Other colors are offered in most of their line for those who are not WhoDats, like purple and gold and crimson and white. Not only can you find their Gameday Collections in most Hemline locations here locally and beyond, you can also check out the rest of their collections on their website.

With their attention to detail, fine fit and finish, and their true desire to make New Orleans one of the destinations for fashion in this country, Jolie & Elizabeth are on their way. I will say this, I hope eventually they release a men's collection, for I'd also like to dress it up a bit for gameday, especially when that certain team from Minnesota comes to town. WhoDat!