I will never forget the first time I ever went to buy a suit. It was in my early twenties, and I headed over to Macy's in Kenner for my first suit for a wedding. Macy's always had what seemed to be great sales on name brand suits and that became my main motivation.

I hadn't quite stepped onto the carpet in the suit section, and was greeted instantly by a very dishevelled older salesman. Asking the canned question, "so what are you looking for today", I almost responded, "duh a suit punky brewster", but proceeded to explain what I needed.

As we began to walk up and down the aisles, he quickly jumped to the conclusion that I was a 42 short. Well short was correct, but as I almost hulked through the smallish jacket he had me try on, it became evident he was clueless. Here's the kicker...he looked back up to me with a straight face and said "I don't think we have anything for you here, you should try a store that has a portly section!" I finally calmed myself as I walked out the door and never returned.








This brings us to this week's feature Brinkman's Menswear (3020 Severn Ave. Metairie, Louisiana 70002 / 504.455.8284). Everytime I step through their doors, I'm greeted by people who know my name and know how to solve all of my sartorial needs.

With brands like Axis, Cole Haan, Agave, Ike Behar, Tailor Byrd, Coppley, Maui Jim, Tommy Bahama Indigo Palms, and Johnston & Murphy, Brinkman's appeals to not only the brand conscious but also those folks who truly invest in their clothing for it's fit, finish, quality, and style. I do believe that carrying exceptional brands is very important, but where Brinkman's really shines is in their service.

Let me give you all the highlights. Brinkman's offers lifetime alterations on all of their garments, sometimes within 24 hours. They also offer completely custom pieces including suits, tuxedos, and my favorite the custom dress shirt with thousands of possibilities. Brinkman's truly provides something that is quickly becoming a retail memory : Personal Service and Personal Trade...take that Macy's!